Recovery Coaching Services

Hire A Recovery Coach or Companion
And Kick Start Your Life In Recovery.

The foundation of a solid recovery is built on the formation of healthy, lasting relationships.
A successful sobriety isn’t achieved by taking the road alone.

What We Do:

Our Recovery Coaching Services are provided with your health, safety and a successful sobriety being our top goals.

A Recovery Coach or Companion serves as a sponsor, therapist, personal trainer, mentor and empowerment leader. We help you navigate your newly found sobriety by acting as a compass; helping you find your true self and steering you clear of temptations and triggering situations.

What’s best for you?
Our services are customized to fit your needs and goals:

  • You’re just leaving treatment and need someone to guide you through early recovery, making the right decisions, caring for your mind and body, as well as avoiding triggers and temptations. 24/7 Support
  • You need a strong sober support presence when you’re being triggered or if you’ve gotten into a bad situation and need someone to talk you through it or physically walk you out of it. On-Call
  • You’re well on your way but still require occasional redirection or positive reminders why recovery is the only choice. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Visits

Your Recovery Coach or Companion will help you transform yourself from the ground up, by assisting in a process of personal development:

  • Build confidence.
  • Reinforce positive behavioral and cognitive changes.
  • Map out and implement new routines early in your recovery.
  • Encourage sober lifestyle changes.
  • Manage relationships in recovery.

In addition to these personal changes, your Recovery Coach or Companion has the ability to:

  • Come to your home, office or anywhere you feel most comfortable.
  • Work with your existing treatment professionals, and help locate resources in your community to increase your opportunities for change and success.
  • Advocate on client’s behalf whenever, wherever, and however necessary.
  • Help plan your activities: promoting positive behavior and healing and minimize the risk of triggered thoughts and actions.
  • Accompany you to and from work, home, running errands, doctor or attorney appointments, court dates, and any other place you need to go, when directed to do so.
  • Help you identify relapse triggers, avoid them when possible and prepare healthy responses to unavoidable triggers.

All Recovery Coaching services are provided with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Putting the Pieces Back Together:

Addiction can lead to unhealthy choices and lifestyles, which often leads to: court cases, probation, loss of driving privileges, child custody or protection services cases, job loss, defamation of character, academic suspension or probation, family and friend loss, etc.

Putting life back together after addiction is a huge undertaking. Having to do it alone, and newly sober is even more difficult. Often the overwhelming guilt and stress we feel when realizing the consequences of our actions can potentially compromise our sobriety.

Your Recovery Coach will be able to help you work through these feelings and create a plan of action to deal with the problem head on. Doing so recognizes responsible behaviors and creates a new reward pathway for healthy lifestyle choices.

Invest in yourself and your future,
there’s nothing more important.

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