The Journey Begins

My “God” Moment

“Word of the Day: EXTRAVAGANT”

Yesterday I took my mom to church. I usually go to church but I invited my mom with me because I had a little bombshell I wanted to drop on her. I wanted to tell her what amazing information I’d learned from my visit to YouTube on Saturday. It wasn’t new information. I had already known what I was going to tell her, and she had known about it as well; but it had been awhile since we had both visited the topic.
The Power of Attraction. That’s right. It had worked wonders for me in 2018. I had written out my goals for the year in January, and by July I had accomplished the whole thing and then some:
  • Get my drivers license
  • Get a good full time job
  • Find my own place
  • Go back to school
  • Pay down my debt
  • Find my biological family
  • Get off probation
  • Learn to play the guitar
To an outsider my list may look like someone about to turn 18 and leave home instead of a grown 35 year-old woman with four children, but these were things I thought would never happen after struggling in the game of life for a number of years. I fully believe the Power of Attraction helped me to check off those boxes.
I don’t know when it happened but I lost my momentum somewhere between August of last year and now. After such a successful year I thought things were on a course of self-propelled momentum. Wrong! You silly girl… Slowly I noticed things sliding by. A past due bill here, a car accident there, a ticket in the mail. And then, BOOM- I’m back in court and could lose the limited license that I do have. I’m panicking about my bills that I can’t pay because I chose a lifestyle that I can’t afford. I feel unfulfilled at work and angry that I am gone from 8:00 a.m. until about 7:00 p.m. most days and I’m too exhausted to do anything after work, so I sleep. I feel like I never have time to be a parent.
Being an adult is a bummer.
Even more of a bummer when you’re a single mom in early recovery and have a criminal background. Thank God I have a great family and support system, and that I’m made of 90% rubber, and can bounce back. Being a troublemaker is not for the faint of heart folks. If you can’t take disappointment and discouraging events then please swipe left.
But I digress…
I don’t know if it’s because Winter is finally over and the sun is out for more than 5 hours a day, or if my subconscious was trying to nudge me in the right direction, but I’ve been thinking lately that it’s time to make a change. Big or small, it doesn’t matter; even the slightest nudge in a positive direction is all it really takes. For example.. My internet excursion began early Saturday morning with an eye makeup tutorial by Carli Bybel, whom I absolutely adore. She has done amazing things for herself. (And she’s gorgeous) I highly recommend checking out her YouTube videos HERE. She inspired me to look at others who have done things outside of the box and are inspirational as well.
It’s a whole new world out there people.. The days of punching a clock and doing the 9-to-5 are over!
You know the little sidebar of suggested videos on the right side of YouTube? That’s where I revisited the video of the Power of Attraction. And it got me PUMPED! It took everything in me to not call my mom right then and there and shout it from the rooftops that “It’s all about our thinking people!” I know this is true because I have seen it happen firsthand on numerous occasions: When the phone rings and I know who it is before I pick up the phone; The weekend I got into a car accident I had a really bad feeling about driving and even told my mom that I would go with her to a birthday party, but I wasn’t going to drive, and then I did anyway -AND- got into an accident! I could go on but I think you get the idea.
If you haven’t yet, please go check out some videos on the Power of Attraction. Here I’ll help you out. This is a good one with Steve Harvey, but my favorite is THIS ONE. One of the principles they talked about Is “You attract what you fear.” How true this is! Literally I feared being pulled over by the police or going backwards everyday. No wonder I’d been backsliding!
Today is a new day. And I choose to be free from fear. I choose success. I choose to end the negativity in my mind and in my life. New goals are on the way people, and they are going to be HUGE!
Getting back to my ‘God’ moment:
As I had said, I took my mom to church yesterday. On the way there I started talking to her about what I had watched, and relearned the day before. “No more negativity” I said. I’m getting out of my own way and I’m going to be successful. My mom had been feeling just as I have lately and needed the pep talk too. So as we walked in to church we had no idea how big our pep talk really would be.
Word of the day: Extravagant
Quite literally, we walked into church and before the message and before everything else the speaker announced that the word of the day was Extravagant, and we were to think of what that meant to us. The message told us to ‘Dream Big’  My name was even in the reading! My jaw dropped a few times and I had goosebumps the entire time because it was just that powerful.
It was that ‘God’ moment.
It was synchronicity; it was meant to be; it was just great timing. Whatever you want to call it, I was inspired and renewed with the faith that I am here for a reason. We’re all here for a reason. It’s what you decide to do with your purpose that will make you successful or hold you back from your true potential.
What is your purpose?


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