Start Here

You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the FIRST STEP. | by Scunizzo

Day One

When does One Day turn into Day One. When do you finally decide that life is worth more than hangovers, blackout drunk, losing everything you have to chase that drug or drink?

We’re here to help those touched by addiction make the all important first step by

* finding reliable resources

* helping you navigate to the right people and places

* suggesting next steps

The first step is always the most difficult.

Who Needs Help?


A Friend or Family Member

A Teen or Child

First things first…

Are you or your loved one safe, or are they a threat to their own safety or to someone else?

If so then it’s vital to contact the proper help.

If their problem has gotten so large and out of control that they need protection from themselves, then chances are they need medical intervention. It sounds scary but it really isn’t.

We can help direct you to a safe detox facility, treatment program or specialists that can suggest the next step that makes sense for you.

Take action– Being a little uncomfortable is normal. Change is uncomfortable, and the only way things will change is if you take that first step.

The clock is ticking, don’t wait until time runs out.

What’s Next?

Contact us for personalized resources and immediate help

2 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. My boyfriend is an alcoholic and he is violent, he is damaged through drinking and drugs. Myself and his family cannot take anymore he’s destroying us and all of our possessions. I feel like he need sectioning or rehab but I how can I begin to help? I’ve had to call the police and they have been no help what so ever. I’m sure soon he’ll go too far and really hurt someone or himself I’ve had to walk away because he’s killing me I’ve lost who I am and I have no energy left but I worry for his family he’s attacked both parents and his younger sister and smashes the house up when he is drunk.


    1. Hi Ashleigh,

      I’m sorry that you have to be exposed to the toxic behaviors of your boyfriend addictions. When someone is using they completely lose themselves. Everything from their behavior, thoughts, and actions are all affected by the substance they are using. Physiologically their body has been hijacked by the drug or drink they are using and the only thing they can think of is how to get their next ‘fix’. To an addict, it feels like they will die without it, and the body reacts by doing everything in it’s power to “protect” itself by getting that drug/drink to feel better.

      It’s so hard for someone who is not an addict to understand why our loved ones do or say the things they do when they’re using, but the most important thing to remember is that nothing is your fault. The best way to help your boyfriend is by sitting him down (with other family or support persons) and letting him know that you see that he’s struggling and you would like to help him get healthy. There is a very specific method in which you should do this as to not overwhelm him or make him feel like he’s being ganged up on or pushed into recovery. HE has to want it before it will happen.

      There are so many resources out there for recovery. I would be more than happy to help you find local support, treatment, intervention services. And also support for yourself and your boyfriends family through this process. If this is something you’d be interested in please email me at:

      Watching someone struggle with addiction is heartbreaking and frustrating because there is nothing that you can do to make that person want to get better. But you can continue to support them in a positive and healthy way by getting them the treatment they need when they are ready. You need to take care of yourself at this time and I would suggest looking into local Al-Anon meetings to speak with others that are currently or have gone through the same situation. It can be a real eye-opener to hear about others’ battles with their loved ones addiction.

      I wish you all the best of luck and please reach out if you would like help finding local resources.

      Day One Recovery


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